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    Application of motor with the development of the times

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        With the development of the times, the application of DC motor will be more, and many of the original AC motor are replaced by DC motor. In particular, the emergence of brushless motor, the number of DC motor production continues to rise. Our annual production of various DC motors up to billions of units or more, too many to count the production of DC motor manufacturers.
        In industry and agriculture, DC motor is widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation. In medical terms, the use of DC motor is not small, such as medical instruments, surgical instruments. In life, the use of more, and now even the toothbrush is made of electric toothbrush with a direct current motor. The application of the DC motor is really too numerous to mention, can be said to be everywhere.
        In the automotive industry, all kinds of fan, water pump, wiper extinguisher, is used in a variety of DC motor. Hotel in the automatic door, automatic door locks, automatic curtain, automatic water supply system, soft towel machine are used in DC motor, in weapons and equipment, DC motor is widely used in aircraft, tanks, missiles, radar, tanks occasions.
        At present, there are no special motors for electric vehicles, such as DC motor, DC motor, permanent magnet DC motor, induction motor, etc.. The load characteristics of general motors are constant load characteristics, and the characteristics of electric vehicles are variable load characteristics, the characteristics of the two are not matched, which affect the output of the motor, and then affect the performance of electric vehicles. In addition, the maximum efficiency point of General Motors is designed around the fixed point, and the efficiency of the motor decreases sharply when the load deviates from the fixed point. Switched reluctance motor has a large torque at low speed, but the efficiency is low, the permanent magnet synchronous motor has high efficiency, but it can not improve at low speed. Only micro DC motor has all the advantages of motor. It has on excited DC motor's low speed torque lifting function, and excited DC motor speed performance, permanent magnet synchronous motor, characteristics and close to the reliability of the asynchronous motor, very suitable for the need of electric vehicles.
        Electric vehicle is used mainly for urban traffic, most of the vehicles in time in starting, acceleration, braking, so the motor starting performance and accelerating performance and efficiency at low speed and braking energy regeneration ability, motor overload capacity of the motor, energy density and reliability of the electric motor of electric vehicles is particularly important, is an important indicator to measure the motor of the electric vehicle.
        People's growing concern about the environment and energy, and promote the development of electric vehicles, and accelerate the competition in the field of electric vehicles in the world power. In the current battery technology, how to improve the efficiency of electric energy efficiency, improve the driving course of electric vehicles, electric vehicle industry is the focus of attention. Micro DC motor starting torque, good speed performance, high efficiency, high energy density, high overload capacity, performance stability, safe and reliable, is the ideal drive motor. The industrial production of miniature DC motor to improve the performance of electric vehicles, to promote the development of electric vehicle industry, the electric vehicle industry in China catch up with the world advanced level has a positive role in promoting.