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    Motor will become the driving force of the development of the motor market in the future

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          As we all know, the motor is the main power consumption in the national economy, and energy saving is an eternal theme of the motor industry. Some experts said that China's energy shortage is mostly due to the waste of energy and the use of inappropriate. At present, China's industrial energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the total energy consumption, of which the motor energy consumption accounts for about 60%~70%. According to the survey, the IE1 level of the motor market share of nearly 90% of the market share, while the enterprise to achieve the efficiency of IE2 more than 8%. This has caused a great waste of social resources. So it is very necessary to develop a high efficiency motor as an important measure to improve the energy utilization.
          Motor is very important for the Chinese market. "China holds a 21.5% share of the global motor market. In the next five years, the Chinese market will grow faster than any other country, and grow faster than the rest of Europe and America." IMS researcher at this year's SIAF show transmission technology seminar, said.
          According to IMS research shows that: the demand for high power motor in the worldwide growth, including the United States, Europe, China and other regions, although the price of high power motor is too expensive, but market sales volume is increased. In the next five years, is expected to have a higher growth, 2015 sales will double that in 2011, that can reach 2600000000 dollars.
          For deep into China's foreign giants, the policy dynamics of the sense of smell is very sensitive. Based on China's new standards, the international giants have long been ahead of action to do a good job transfer. This year, Siemens has announced that General Motors discontinued and launched last year, the SIMOTICS1LE0 series high efficiency motors as a replacement; abb is no exception, in August last year launched M2BA series high efficiency motors, as M2QA series electric motors and the upgrading of products. As for the switching of the new national standard for domestic manufacturers, are still holding a hesitation with a wait-and-see attitude, switched on, motor feedback and action will in the new national standard is officially released is this year or the second half of 2013 began.
          In recent years, energy saving electromechanical equipment has been in a lukewarm state, however, within the scope of our country and even the world over, advocate low carbon, energy-saving emission reduction policies to promote, energy saving electromechanical equipment application will appear substantial progress.
          Machinery industry analysts believe that, at present, China's electric motor product variety, but the efficiency is not high. Motor system efficiency is low, long-term inefficient operation. Some of the production of motor system users on the motor system brought about by the economic benefits of lack of awareness, or on motor system energy saving technical problem obstacles, mechanical and electrical industry must strengthen energy-saving technology R & D and innovation, make it really play the role of the basic industry, driving the national economy to be sustained and healthy development.
          With the process of high efficiency motor switch, a large number of Chinese local manufacturers do not have the production of highly efficient motor manufacturers will be eliminated from the market, the market concentration will be improved.