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    Measures of motor energy saving

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          Recently, the motor is an essential production equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises. How to reduce energy consumption, save energy, and exert the maximum efficiency in the production of electric motor, we should consider the following aspects.
          Reasonable selection of motor type. Y series motor is a new series of products in the whole country. It is an advanced asynchronous motor in China, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and good starting performance. When the new purchase electric motor, should first consider the use of high efficiency and energy saving brand, and then according to the need to consider other performance indicators, in order to save energy.
          Reasonable selection of motor capacity. Countries of three phase asynchronous motor running regional made regulations are as follows: load rate between 70% ~ 100% for economic operation zone; load rate between 40% ~ 70% for the general running of the district; load rate is non economic operation zone below 40%. If the motor capacity is too large, although it can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but not only increases the investment, but also its efficiency and power factor are very low, resulting in the waste of electricity. Therefore, taking into account the need to meet the needs of the equipment operation, and can make it possible to improve the efficiency, the general load rate remained at 100% ~ 60% more ideal.
          Energy saving retrofit of old motor: (1) the replacement motor fan, will change the motor fan energy-saving type, for the different types of motor, has a corresponding type energy saving fan products can be for use, mainly for the operation of the single direction 2 poles and four pole motor, after can improve efficiency 1.35% ~ 2.55%. (2) the use of new insulation materials to increase the cross-sectional area of the conductor. For the high voltage motor of the asphalt mica tape, the insulation of the epoxy glass mica tape can be used for the purpose of saving energy in the stator winding.
          Motor frequency conversion speed regulation. The use of other continuous speed control mode, the use of the regulator, variable pole motor, electromagnetic coupling governor, frequency conversion speed control device, etc..
          Improve the motor voltage. When the asynchronous motor is light load, the power supply voltage can be reduced, and the energy saving can be realized.
          Improve power factor. In the asynchronous motor of the line end of the right amount of reactive power compensation, can improve the power factor, reduce reactive power loss, the effective realization of energy saving.